Cáscara av Tadah Kafferosteri

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Cáscara är torkade bär från kaffeplantan och vårt Cáscara kommer från familjen Guardias gård på Poas Vulkanens sluttningar i Costa Rica.

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“Coffee cherry tea”

Made from dried berries of the coffee plant!

For more than fifty years, the Guardia family has successfully been
dedicated to cultivating coffee at their beautiful Hacienda. The 100 ha

hacienda is located at the slopes of the Poás Volcano in the central

valley of Costa Rica with large parts of pristine jungle. The coffee plants

are grown under shade trees that provide lots of nutrition from the

falling leaves as well as protection against direct sunlight. They offer

an ideal microclimate for perfect growing conditions of fine quality

micro-lots. The energy at the Finca is generated by a water-driven

Pelton turbine and can therefore be considered “100% Green Energy”.

So what is Cáscara de Café? Cáscara means ‘skin’ or ‘husk’ in Spanish. The

cherries are carefully dried in the sun under constant circulation. Brewed

similar to tea, Cascara has intense tasting notes of sweet hibiscus,

cranberry, and honey. It tastes very sweet and has a high concentration

of antioxidants and vitamins B2 and E. Over the past years, Cascara has

started to receive more attention in cafés across Europe and the US. Its

uniquely refreshing flavor has even inspired some people to create soda

drinks with it. Cascara is barely exported. We are thus proud to have it on

our offer list and present you this special single-origin Cascara, traceable

directly to the producer.

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