Gregory av TADAH Kafferosteri

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Ett unikt kaffe från Columbia med en smak av tropiska frukter, kola, jordgubbar och en söt, behaglig citrussmak.

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Gregory – Finca La Riviera

Origin: Colombia Area / Farm: Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda, Finca La Riviera Variety: Castillo, Caturra

Processing: black honey Altitude: 1.600 – 1.700 m / a.s.l.

A unique coffee from Colombia, from the farm “La Riviera”. The coffee beans are not released from the pulp after harvest, but are fermented together with 100% pulp left for about two weeks. This “Black honey” process is considered to be the most complex, laborious and difficult process. The term “honey” is used because of the pulp that remains: it is sticky and rich in sugar, reminiscent of bees that make honey! This sugary mucus also gives a little sweetness in the cup.

Taste: Tropical fruit, caramel, strawberry, vinous, sweet, pleasant citric acid.




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